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tentacle monster yaoi orgy love

the hip hop karate chop
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+ the anime rpg about guns, shoes, and life +
- read all the mother fuckin rules AND the story too -

in case the expression on your face says "WTF MAN!?", SNEAKERBOOT is a roleplaying community where livejournal idiots get together and pretend to be anime characters and conjure up crazy stories together because we have no lives, goals, or girlfriends. now that THAT is out of the way, gally up on your high horse and ride through the gates to Diggadong Highschool, where our wonderful adventure takes place.

SNEAKERBOOT was a young asshole who went to Diggadong High in 1986. He was a punk rocker and wore big black boots with sewed on nike patches on the sides. That's why they called him SNEAKERBOOT (in all caps of coarse). One day, the infamous tentacle monster from the janitor's private closet in the basement came up and wrapped its big ass ugly tentacles all over Mrs. PeachTreeMcgee and drug her outside (I know you're all like "WTF MAN AGAIN WTF IS A TENTACLE MONSTER!!" ... don't worry about it. well ok, its a monster with fuckin big purple tentacles and shit and it obviously grabs english teachers. ANYWAYS, thank you ...

ol' SNEAKERBOOT, an outcast mind you, jumped over the tennis court fence where he was selling a dime bag to a squeeny (a nerd drug addict), and kicked that tentacle monster right in it's face with his imfamous shoes. Brains went everywhere and Mrs. PeachTreeMcgee stood up, covered in tentacle monster brains and thanked him. he simply walked away into the sunset.

Later that day, he drowned in a public pool.

And that's the story of SNEAKERBOOT. Totally irrelevent.
This anime RPG takes place at Diggadong High at the start of the school year in 1991, four years after SNEAKERBOOT left an impressionable mark on the school. What will happen? WHO KNOWS!! Are there still tentacle monsters in the school! YES! are there werewolves? No, but there are Wereferrets! Magic Potions, drugs, big guns in abandoned lockers, and oh ... romance. love is in the air at Diggadung high and it's up to you to show how.

So welcome. I hope you'll enjoy this fucked up piece of fiction that lets me get away from my boring macabre life. So go on and murder, get magical powers, find excalibur in your pudding, but ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to go to class. because absenteeism sucks.

TO JOIN! (duh fucker of coarse you will)
+ fill out this application and post it. as your character not you +

Character Name:
Nickname (what you go by):
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Grade (9-12):

Favorite Gum:
Extraciricular Activies:

Sum Up Personality:

Weapon Of Choice:

Sum Up Looks:

Label (goth, prep, etc):

Contents Of BackPack:
List The Four Classes They Are Taking (make em up bitch):

Question: What IS A Squeeny?:


+ follow or die +

[be ridiculous but don't ruin the game or other's fun]
[only able to find one gun per week in your locker (if you want one)]
[teachers are bulletproof. so is principal Nuts]
[specify what room of the school you are in in your posts, and say when it changes]
[rp with other players, unless you're a shy goth girl]
[tentacle monsters can only be killed with kicks]
[dont kill any unicorns]
[post at least once a week or you'll be expelled]
[mod can expell you any time for anything or if he wants to just because he's sick]
[when yaoi happens, other members of the community will vote yes or no if the teacher caught you or not. majority wins]
[1st time getting caught - you must promote this community in 10 other communities or you get expelled]
[2nd time getting caught - you have to write a 200 word essay on the history of whatever i choose (it will be funny, gross, or VERY boring) and post it in the commun. when i say 200 words i mean it. no less no more.]
[3rd time getting caught - you must get a picture of your own human ass within 3 days and post it in the commun or you get expelled.]
[if you get caught three times you get expelled]
[same for lesbian sex. but its okay if its a threesome. not for gays though]
[by the way, this is also a rating community, so you can come and post your pictures and we'll vote yes or no if you are hot or not and if you are accepted, we'll just put your name on the userinfo and you can post pics of yourself whenever you want. whatever]
[to make sure you read this, put I LOVE ASS in the subject line of your application]


the ghost of SNEAKERBOOT, a ghost punker with ghost boots

Murka Sharapova, an anti-social elitist jock girl with a bad racket

Margaret "Binkx" Cooper, a katan wielding outcast

have fun!
any questions, contact graymichael, your stupid gay MOD