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i love... a$$ - SNEAKERBOOT! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
the hip hop karate chop

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i love... a$$ [Sep. 30th, 2004|01:02 pm]
the hip hop karate chop

Character Name: Murka Sharapova
Nickname (what you go by): Murka
Age: 17
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Grade (9-12): 11
GPA: 3.6
Favorite Gum: Gum machine Gum
Extraciricular Activies: Plays Tennis, #1 on the girls tennis team!  Also member of the Videogame club, Created t he Architects Club  :O

Sum Up Personality: Very determined, disiplined.  She's really refined and elite.  Very sarcastic and she has a russian accent.  Which is hot :P

Weapon Of Choice: Staffed Tennis Raquet

Sum Up Looks:  think *maria sharipova*

Label (goth, prep, etc):  Antisocial-Elitist Jock

Contents Of BackPack: Tampons, 3 Wilson US open tennis balls, Her books, her Diary, her
List The Four Classes They Are Taking (make em up bitch): Calculus, English, Art, History

Question: What IS A Squeeny?:  Geek nerd druggie


[User Picture]From: graymichael
2004-09-30 08:06 pm (UTC)
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